What is MegaHoot Soapbox – UCW Magazine Nov/Dec 2021

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Megahoot Soapbox is a Club Community and was developed so that content creators such as celebrities, athletes, business owners, entertainers and fitness pros globally can become Club Owners and have a partnership with MegaHoot Soapbox. This partnership gives them the ability to monetize their Soapbox Private Clubs that are equipped with Personal Message, Live One on One Calls, Live Group Calls, PPV Option and a Marketplace (digital products & NFTs) with higher partnership payouts plus unique incentives . They can build a business within a business, one that incorporates free marketing tools via a public social media platform that can share posts, which we call Hoots, to several other social media platforms with the press of a button as well as embed Hoots on their websites to increase their exposure and more.

It’s a true ecosystem that incorporates a public social media platform, a private and community club system with several monetization options and a live streaming channel for Live or prerecorded PPV Events such as a music concert, speaking engagement, sporting event (boxing, MMA etc), live training courses, live photoshoots or behind the scenes access and more.

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