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The UCW Radio Host Louis Velazquez had the opportunity to have martial artist and action film star Stephanie Cheeva-McNeal on the show.

Stephanie Cheeva was born in Sofia-Bulgaria. Her mother is a Bulgarian Figure-skating Champion Maria Vulkova. Father is a Mathematics Professor Veselin Georchev. Stephanie became a part of the Bulgarian national Team of TKD at the age of 13 and has won 21 gold medals in eight years as a professional competitor in Martial Arts.

She came to LA in 1996. Two years later she graduated the "Joanne Baron & D.W. Brown" school of acting. Since then we've seen her in "The Ultimate Game", "Martial Law", "Nash Bridges", "VIP", "Good Versus Evil", "Longshot", "Last Call", "The Fine Art Of Persuasion", "Tequila Express", "Exorcism", "Last Call", Miss congeniality 2", etc. She's been in national adds for Tylanol and Pontiac.

Stephanie is happily married to photographer Kelsey McNeal and is a proud mom of son- Zion, born 2005 and daughter -Theona, born 2008.

What's the appeal? The catlike eyes, pouting lips, high cheek bones mixed with a beautiful physique and jumping kicks that will knock most people's heads off? Or is it something else? Strong faith, unbreakable spirit, gentle heart, a true warrior passionately fighting her battle towards excellence with joy and perseverance, that inspires all who know her.

Personal Quotes

"Victory comes with the choice to stay in the battle, commited to bring every effort to a successful completion. Each victory is granted by the grace of God."

"I'd rather tell people: Look at what I'm doing, instead of, look at what I've done."


"Stephanie Cheeva-McNeal is one of the most inspirational people that I've come across, although she is too humble to admit it, she has accomplished some great things in her life and will continue to do so, I am fortunate to know her, and hope that her story will continue to inspire people worldwide," said Louis Velazquez host of the UCW Radio Show.








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