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Michelle is one of those people that are more than what meets the eye. Its true that she is a Fitness Competitor and with only two years under her belt she has snagged an endorsement deal and a number of appearances representing bodybuilding.com.

She is also an educator, teaching High School in Canada, Michelle definitely must have the highest attendance record in the district. She is getting herself set to compete in 2010 and looks to make 2010 a banner year.

According to Michelle she has been teaching High School for about ten years, lucky kids, and she really has a passion to mold the minds of the youth, but her true claim to personal fame is being a mom.

Her little one, all of 6 years old, is one of the most well mannered 6 year old girls that we had the pleasure to interact with, she is actually the one that pushes her mom to do better and compete, and she doesn't just talk the talk, this little one walks the walk being a competitive dancer herself. And yes she is doing her very first solo shortly.

So Michelle is not your typically fitness competitor, and her story is not just about pumping iron or dieting, there is a true story of a single mom guiding the way for her child, holding down a career and through fitness she is able to set an example to her students, and above all her daughter, that you can accomplish anything if you just put your mind to it and want it to happen badly enough.


To find out more about Michelle DeMaria www.michelledemaria.com 



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