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Ring Name: Crystal Carmichael ( Diva las Vegas)
Heightt: 5' 8
Weight: 132
Home: Chicago, Il
Years in Wrestling: 4 years pro (4 years collegite)
Current Affiliations: Freelance
Past Affiliations: WCPW, IUWA, IWC, UAPW, PGWA, CRUSH, WWA, IWF, and more to come!
Ultimate Goals: To wrestle and be known all over the world
Website Links: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Indywrestlercrystalcarmichael / www.crystalcarmichael.com  (coming soon) Contact email: [email protected] 
Favorite Color: platinum ( it goes with everything)
Favorite music group: You can't go wrong with Red Hot Chili Peppers\line Favorite Movie: Moulin Rouge
Favorite moves: The hurricarana, scissor locks, and my version of the Angle slam, the Make-over.

This month we are visiting with Chicago's own Wrestling Diva Crystal Carmichael. We are going to have a Q &A session with Crystal and see what she's up to nowadays.


Louis Velazquez: What brought you to get involved in Pro Wrestling?

CC: I watched it as a kid and thought it was the coolest thing ever. I wrestled in high school and it just kind of snowballed from there. I found out about a training school near my house but my mom wouldn't let me join until I was almost 18. But, once I joined, I knew everybody had better watch out.

Louis Velazquez: So you had an amateur wrestling background, interesting, how did you feel when you first had the opportunity to step inside the ring?

CC: I was so scared, the crowd, the other workers, everything. But, it was exactly how I thought it would be. The crowd was really into me. I won the ladies' title that day. That was the day I knew I was supposed to be a wrestler

Louis Velazquez: Who came up with your gimmick?

CC: I did. Everybody's so afraid of being girlly. What's the point of being a lady wrestler if you can't look like one. I'm the lady that doesn't take crap, and I'm not afraid to rumble with the guys.

Louis Velazquez: Well being a female pro wrestler they have to expect that you can do some damage, so was that the first gimmick that you used or were there others?

CC: Basically, it's kind of the same gimmick, just different outfits. It's all about the glamour.

Louis Velazquez: Well thats true, you need to razzle dazzle to get the pop that promoters want, What promotions did you work for and who are you affiliated with currently?

CC: I'm mostly travel around doing wrestling shows now. It's much more fun to meet new people and work on my own. It also gives me the opportunity to meet a lot of the big names that I've admired for years.

Louis Velazquez: So you are basically a free lance wrestler, well lets let everyone know that you available for bookings, I guess that they can just shoot you out an email

CC: They can contact me at [email protected]  for bookings.

Louis Velazquez: What else do you do beyond wrestling?, what are your hobbies?

CC: I love to draw. I'm working on a portfolio for school. More than likely computer animation. I like to custom design my own clothes and wrestling outfits. I love to dance. I'm also learning how to play the bass guitar, and I just started taking up martial arts... Shidokan submission grappling and thai boxing. Other than that, I just like to hang out and go to rock clubs and check out Indy bands. It's the best.

Louis Velazquez: Martial Arts is a definite plus in any wrestlers training, I believe that whole heartedly and I'm not just being bias because I am involved in Martial Arts myself, it is an asset that can help to make a good wrestler a gret one.
Crystal do you see yourself eventually making it to the corporate structure \line of the wrestling world, namely the WWE? Or are you content where you are now?

CC: It's got to be all or nothing. I want WWE, Japan, everything. I've gotten this far and I want to take it as far as it goes

Louis Velazquez: There you go, don't settle for second anything, go for the gold, most people that get involved with wrestling have other aspirations, do you see yourself going into acting in the future?

CC: I want to get my name out there. If wrestling leads to other things I won't pass it up. It's how I started taking up martial arts. I want to do it all. I see a whole line of make-up, clothes, and jewelry in my future. I want to bring glamour to the world of pro wrestling.

Louis Velazquez: I'm sure if you continue to apply yourself that you will realize your dreams, Now let me ask your opinion on something, I ask this question all the time but it's always interesting to hear what each person has to say about it, but over the past 6 to 10 years wrestling has change a lot, the envelope \line is constantly being pushed which is forcing today's workers to perform \line more extreme moves, what are your feelings on this?

CC: If you can do it and not kill yourself, then do it. I want to learn more daring moves, but, I don't want to do anything that will hurt me permanently or anybody else. I've been on the receiving end of some tough moves, but if I don't feel comfortable about it, it's a no go. I gotta look out for my pretty face. But, I am a pretty tough cookie myself so it's no big deal. Do what works best for you.

Louis Velazquez: Do you feel that the Indy scene is starting to develop more of a \line following nowadays, especially with only one major promotion in \line Wrestling?

CC: Since I've been wrestling pro, there's been more opportunities for fans of wrestling to enjoy the sport, considering if you don't live in a major city or get to the big events. It's just as entertaining, and you can usually meet the wrestlers afterwards and get to know them.

Louis Velazquez: Crystal, If you can change anything about wrestling what would it be?

CC: It would be that women would get their fair shot. So many promotions out there don't even have ladies divisions, even though there are tons of good lady workers around. I love wresting just as much as the next person, I want to be able to entertain the crowd on the same level as everyone else.

Louis Velazquez: Well, maybe there will be some promoters that will be reading this Q & A session and listen to you, I agree that women should get a fair shake but every promotion works differently.
Now were going to stray off the Pro Wrestling path for a minute, Crystal, tell us more about the real you, your likes, dislikes, your ultimate goals in life both business and personal.

CC: Well, nobody would guess that I'm pretty shy and reserved. Pro wrestling allows me to express myself in ways I normally would not. I'm aware sometimes people mistake my shyness for attitude, so I want to put that idea to rest. My long term goal is to enjoy life and spend as much time on the beach as I can. I want to travel even more, and experience the world.

Louis Velazquez: Sounds like a good plan, I hope that you get all that you want out of life, looks as if you have the right mindset so far.
So tell us about your training routine, how often do you lift \line weights? How often do you get ring time?

CC: I like to train at night at my gym. Usually 4-6 nights a week. Since the gym's dead around 1am, I can lift for an hour, then train with my friend Shonie Carter, he has a couple of world titles in ultimate fighting. We'll roll around the ring about an hour then do some standup for about an hour. Other than that, I'll practice until I'm tired.

Louis Velazquez: Looks like you are getting some shooting tips from a Champ, that's always helpful.
Crystal, I know that this is a hard question but if you had to pick one person, who would you say that you pattern \line yourself after?

CC: You know, you just got to follow your own star. I admire lots of people, but when it all comes down to it, everyone has to do it for themselves.

Louis Velazquez: Crystal, now we are about to wind this Q & A session up, so I just have one more question for you, do you have any inspirational words or stories to \line share with your devoted fans?

CC: I really appreciate all of your support. I can't be the "Diva" without my fans. I wrestle because I love it, but, I also wrestle because I love to entertain. It's been a long, bumpy road filled fun and frustration and some really good memories, of meeting so many of you out on the road. I'm excited about 2004, it will prove to be an even better year and I'm not holding anything back!

Crystal, thank you so much for taking time out for us, we look forward to seeing you in the WWE someday, until that day comes wrestling fans should check in on Crystal when her new website is up and running, www.crystalcarmichael.com

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