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Real Name: Brandi Richardson
Ring Name: Brandi Richardson
Height: 5'5
Weight: 107
Home: North Carolina
Years in Wrestling: going on 4
Current Affiliations: SCW, UWC, SEWA, CREW, WAW
Past Affiliations: RAW, ICWA
Ultimate Goals: To make it to the big time, of course.
Website Links: www.brandirichardson.8m.com The site is highly under construction.
Contact email: [email protected]
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite music group: Aerosmith, Kid Rock
Favorite Movie: Cruel Intentions


This month we are coming to you from North Carolina and we are with the Lovely Southern Belle Brandi Richardson.

Brandi, Thank you for taking the time for this Q&A with us this month, I know that your have a tight schedule nowadays so we will get right into it.

Louis Velazquez: You're a beautiful young lady, what got you interested in Pro Wrestling?

BR: I began watching wrestling when I was three and was hooked on it. From then on out it intrigued me and I knew that it was something with which I would like to be involved in.

Louis Velazquez: In otherwords it was calling you and drew you in, your must've been very excitied the the first time that you stepped into the ring.

BR: I remember being very nervous, but very proud of myself.

Louis Velazquez: Well, that's a natural reaction, being in front of even 10 people when you first step into the ring can make a person extremely nervous. How did you develope your gimmick?, Who came up with it?

BR: I did. I always enjoyed watching Dawn Marie in ECW, so I took a bit of her character with a few of my own personal traits and created a gimmick.

Louis Velazquez: Well I have to say that you look as good as she does, was that the first gimmick that you used or were there others?

BR: I tried all of the stereotypical girl gimmicks- school girl, rich girl, and so on. I like this one best because it is just an extension of myself.

Louis Velazquez: Thats always best because it becomes natural and doesn't take much thought, which means its hard to trip yourself up and be out of character often, You've been in the business for close to four years what promotions did you work for and who are you affiliated with currently?

BR: I do a lot with SCW, UWC< SEWA, and WAW

Louis Velazquez: Well you seem to be very active, thats good to be consistent, it helps build up your reputation for the bigger and better things that await you, what else do you do beyond wrestling?,what are your hobbies?

BR: I do bikini modeling and I also love to shop and travel.

Louis Velazquez: Why am I not shocked?, you do have the body for it and I'm sure you do well with it, Brandi, do you see yourself eventually making it to the corporate structure of the wrestling world, namely the WWE? Or are you content where you are now?

BR: I am certainly happy with what I do now and, if I never make it any futher, will be satisfied with what I accomplished. Of course, a WWE contract would also be a nice treat!

Louis Velazquez: Most people that get involved with wrestling have other aspirations, do you see yourself going into acting in the future?

BR: I am a drama queen, so I'd be a great actress, but just wrestling is fine with me.

Louis Velazquez: Well In my opinion, I think that you would do well in the acting field, there are always openings for lovely ladies, and if you can act, wow , thats a bonus.Let me ask your opinion on something over the past decade wrestling has change a lot, the envelope is constantly being pushed which is forcing todays workers to perform more extreme moves, what are your feelings on this?

BR: I think people should do whatever they are comfortable with. They should be able to do what makes them happy and what makes them successful.

Louis Velazquez: I guess if it does make them happy but it shouldn't be a requirement, and thats what it is becoming, so more and more young wrestlers can be sidelined trying to stand out in a crowd. But being on the Indy scene limits their exposure so I guess they have to do what they have to do, Do you feel that the Indy scene is starting to develop more of a
following nowadays, especially with only one major promotion in Wrestling?

BR: The indy scene, especially where I am from, has a legion of devout fans. I think it could improve in that it has went down some since I first began. Regardless, I think there will always be a place for indy wrestling. Like I said, people love watching it and people love participating in it.

Louis Velazquez: True, without the Indy scene how could the WWE have the great talent that they have today. If you can change anything about wrestling what would it be?

BR: I would like for there to be another large, substantial wrestling promotion out there to keep the game competitive.

Louis Velazquez: I agree with you and I think that time will be coming and then it will give Indy workers more of an opportunity, Brandi, now were going to stray off the Pro Wrestling path, tell us more about the real you, your likes, dislikes, your ultimate goals in life both business and personal.

BR: I will soon be a college graduate, and I am very proud of myself for that. I hope to thereafter have a great, successful career and eventually get married and own a nice home.

Louis Velazquez: Congratulations, thats great, you have the looks and brains how could you not succeed, you must train alot to keep in such good shape, can you tell us about your training routine, how often do you lift weights? How often do you get ring time?

BR: I lift weights and do cardio at least 4 days a week.

Louis Velazquez: If you had to pick one person, who would you say that you pattern yourself after?

BR: In my personal life I pattern myself after my father because he is one of the greatest people I have ever known.

Louis Velazquez: Its also great to hear someone speak so highly of their parent(s), that is the greatest compliment that you can give them, Brandi, we have reached the end of the road and my final question for this Q&A session. do you have any inspirational words or stories to share with your devoted fans?

BR: Just my philosophy, "Life is what you make it... and I am going to make it!"

Brandi, thank you again for taking time out for us this month, we will visit with Brandi in the coming months as she makes her way to her goals.


All You Care to Know...
I was born in Tampa, Florida, but have spent my entire life in North Carolina. Showbusiness always intrigued me as a child and I have since been determined to "make it". I will soon have a Bachelor's degree in Pre-Law and a minor in Sociology and currently maintain a 4.0 GPA in college. When I am not studying, I hold down a "day job" and spend 4-5 days every week at the gym. Spare time is a luxury! When I do have it, however, nothing suits me more than to get dressed up nice and go to a quiet dinner. I also love watching South Park! That is my guilty pleasure! My main focus right now is pursuing my swimsuit modeling career and working on my body so that I will soon be fitness model material. I would also like to be able to compete in fitness/figure contests. With all of this going on, it looks like those quiet dinners will be few and far between!


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