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April Hunter
Height - 5'9". (5’11-6’0 in shoes)
Weight - 150
Born - Philadelphia, Pa
Current Hometown - Boston, MA
Professional Debut - WCW as one of the original N.W.O. girls. I was asked to go to the Power Plant, but plans fell through. So, when I later left WCW, I decided to get full training. I was referred to Killer Kowalski’s Pro Wrestling school in Boston.
Let The Record State: "The Prize" is The #1 Rated Manager On The Independents Today! Beauty, power, athleticism and brains! Manager. Tag-team. Singles Competitor. Promos. Additionally, April Hunter has a lot of T&A to offer as well! (Talent & Attitude, thank you very much....)
"Prize" Highlights: The first female competitor to ever work the ECWA Super 8 Summit; Team SWB & Big Red are the very first male/female tag team to ever hold Tag Titles in wrestling history; Only female in the NECW Tag Team Tournament; Being one of the 14 invitees to the WWE tryout camp in Cincinatti, Ohio; One of the first female workers to have a match on NWA TNA pay per view; Being invited to WXW’s Women’s Super 8 contest; Holding one half of the Jersey All Pro Tag Team Titles; Invited by NEO Ladies (Joshi Promotions) to work their anniversary show at Korakuen Hall and being one of just four American women invited to work in Japan this past year; Managing Slyk Wagner Brown to numerous titles across the world!

Have tights, will travel!
For booking April Hunter and Slyk Wagner Brown, contact: [email protected]

Biggest Wins -my very first pin was Simon Diamond in an intergender tag match with himself and Dawn Marie. Favorite wins include defeating Taylor Matheny, getting Nikki Roxx to tap out, pinning Edward G. Xstacy in a tag match with ONS, leading Slyk to win both the ACW Heavyweight Title by defeating Chris Hamrick and the Jersey All Pro Heavyweight Title by defeating Homicide.
Favorite Wrestlers -Christopher Daniels, Ayako Hamada, Kurt Angle, Essa Rios, Eddie Guererro, Jaquie, the Harts, Bull Nakano, Cutie Suzuki, Sherri Martel, Chyna, Jerry Lynn, Super Crazy, Dean Malenko.
Style of Wrestling -Technical.
Training - Killer Kowalski’s (www.killerkowalskis.com)
(Walter Kowalski, Wagner Brown and many of the other students have all helped me).
WWF Camp, Cincinatti OH.

Favorites to work with - Sumie Sakai, Homicide, Trinity, Ariel, Shimoda, Dan Maff, Chris Hamrick, Frankie Kazarian, John Walters, “Tough Enough” Taylor Matheny, Dylan Cage & Talia.

Catch Phrases -
"How Could Something That Looks So Good…Hurt So Bad?"
"I'm Famous. You Just Don't Know It Yet."
"I used to be a model. What did YOU ever do?"

Signature Moves
Head Hunter - (neckbreaker off second rope)
Ayaquita - a submission that's a real bitch to get out of
Hunter's Hangman - submission over the ropes.
SoldierSault - Moonsault Press
Yet To Be Named - Headscissors to a submission

Entrance Music
DMX "What's My Name?" (As a team. Have been using since we started)
Ludacris "Move, Bitch!" (for my own matches


I started out as a showgirl, then fitness model. I went on to WCW where I was one of the original n. W.o. girls. I was a valet for Scott Steiner (yes, I was a ‘Freak’), Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Bret Hart and the Harris Brothers. After that-and now still-I am getting full training at Kowalski’s and working the indies.

At the time of writing this, I’ve been in the wrestling business for about 2.5 years, but really, only 1 year. That’s all I’ve been doing Indies, which are the “minor league” independent shows. I’ve made lots of mistakes, but hopefully have grown up a bit and learned from them. I travel all over on most weekends and do shows, trying to gather experience in front of a live crowd and perfect what I do. It’s not uncommon for me to travel 6-8 hours to spend all of six minutes in the ring. I work managing my travel partner “Slyk” Wagner Brown, as a tag team (Team SWB & Big Red) and/or will do singles matches. I’ll tape the action, watch it back quite a few times, cringe and learn. Doing these shows also gives me a chance to meet fans from all over, too.

I mostly play a heel (bad guy)-and prefer to, but can also work as a face. My character is tough, cocky, arrogant, annoying, thinks she’s “all that”, knows everything, that everyone owes her something, and is under the delusion that she can kick anyone’s ass. Male or female.

I’m currently booked with “Slyk” Wagner Brown, who is the head trainer at Killer Kowalski’s Wrestling School. (www.slykwagnerbrown.com) We are a hot, interracial heel team people love to hate. With Slyk’s cockiness, but excellent high flying/technical wrestling style, fans more often seem to end up cheering him. The ladies love him and the guys want to BE him. Especially with “The Prize” April Hunter on his side. When I manage, I don’t just stand pretty at ringside. I’m very involved in the matches and usually have a lot to do with the outcome. Feel free to check out our video clips, and SWB has more on his own site in SWB TV. Slyk and I also offer full-length videos for sale. Often I’m booked to manage him and work with one of the feds ladies as well. If you’re interested, drop me an email. We are based out of Boston, MA.



This month we are with the lovely April Hunter, she is a Wrestler, Model, and even a Writer, she combines brains and brawn into one sexy package. We are privileged that she was able to squeeze in this Q & A session for us, especially since she has been feeling under the weather at the time of this interview. 

April, thank you for joining us today, I know that you are dealing with your Bronchitis so I will try to make it short and sweet, so you can get your rest.

Louis Velazquez: April, lets start with a question that I am sure that you have been asked a million times before but I have to ask, what made you choose to get involved in the Pro Wrestling business?

AH: I was a valet for WCW and our check in time was 1 pm. I used to sit in the arena and watch the cruiserweights work on new moves and wish I could do that, too.

Louis Velazquez: So thats what sparked you with the desire to step into the ring, thats very interesting, so how was it when you finally stepped into the ring for the first time?

AH: I was scared. I went to an all-male school and was very self conscious at first.

Louis Velazquez: That's right you trained at Killer Kowalski's Wrestling School, well you can get any better than that unless you took a trip to Calgary Alberta Canada and trained in the Dungeon, I am sure that they prepared you well. Did they come up with your gimmick there or was it something that you came up with?

AH: I came up with it. It's not so much a gimmick as it is an exaggeration of my personality. I'm not a great actor, so figured that was the best way to go.

Louis Velazquez: Well it works for you because you have achieve a certain amount of success that I am sure will grow in the near future, was that the only gimmick that you came up with or did you use others?

AH: I was the overprotective sister to a wrestler. I was the brawn and athlete, he was the brain. That ran it's course and I began to work with Slyk Wagner Brown at the same time. People seemed to respond to us well, so we kept going.

Louis Velazquez: Well when you tap into something that works, as a wrestler, you need to take it all the way because you don't ever know where it will lead, if it gets you the pop that you are looking for then you need to stick with it, so April tell us what other promotions that you worked for or currently work for.

AH: My home and one of my favorite promotions is Jersey All Pro. I also work ROH, WXW, up and down the east coast and overseas in Japan and Great Britain.

Louis Velazquez:Well thats great, when you work for different promotions not only in a particular region but across the nation and abroad it just gives you the experience with different crowds, you get to work with different workers and gain a reputation that can definitely be a help as you progress in the wrestling business, so you are a pro wrestler that we know, tell us something that we don't know, what else do you do?, what are your hobbies?

AH: I work on computers doing video editing. Gold's Gym and Barnes and Noble have big parts in my life as I spend a lot of time at both. Am a big book and movie fan.

Louis Velazquez: Then that explains your ability to write articles, I think that is fantastic, We look forward to featuring some of your work here on UCW's Wrestle World, I know that most pro wrestlers look for the gold right off the bat but you have been in the big promotions and know what it takes to get there, Do you see yourself eventually making it to the corporate structure of the wrestling world, namely the WWE? Or are you content where you are now?

AH: I would be content if I could pay the bills, but the money on the Indies doesn't exactly allow that. Other than that minor complaint...

Louis Velazquez: Well that is 100% true, you can't earn a living working on the Indy Scene, the most that you can do is earn a good reputation and hone your skills until you make it to the big leagues but most people that get involved with wrestling have other aspirations, as I am sure you do as well, do you see yourself going into acting in the future?

AH: No. I like wrestling and got into it for that. I would say "I'd like to write a book" but 2372 people beat me to it already.

Louis Velazquez: Then I stand corrected but at the same time if the opportunity ever came about that you had the chance to get into the Hollywood scene I'm sure that you wouldn't turn your back on it, actually if you wanted my opinion, I think that you would do well with it, but that is just my opinion, and talking about opinions, I have to ask yours on this topic, over the past 6 to 10 years wrestling has change a lot, the envelope is constantly being pushed which is forcing today's workers to perform more extreme moves, getting injured more and worse, what are your feelings on this?

AH: It's good and bad. It'll push us to work hard and not take a day off, but it also jades the audience, who may only be happy when someone nearly (or does) kills them self.

Louis Velazquez: Well thats what I mean, how much is enough?, that is a rhetorical question and even when unfortunate things happen like with Owen Hart, it doesn't change anything because things that cause that to happen just get swept under the rug, so they can get back to business as usual but there has to be a breaking point, but those are just my feelings, so back to you April, how do you feel about the Indy scene, do you feel that they are starting to develop more of a following nowadays, especially with only one major promotion in Wrestling?

AH: Considering it's the main place I work, I think it's great. Not unlike Indy brands, the Indies have a lot to offer fans of wrestling.

Louis Velazquez: Honestly, I think that it was the worse thing to happen to professional wrestling and at the same thing the best thing to happen to professional wrestling, it has given Indy promotions the opportunity to really showcase their workers to a more attentive audience because they are looking for live wrestling events but when there is only one major place to go it limits the opportunity of the individual wrestler, so its a double edged sword of sorts, but if you can change anything about wrestling what would it be?

AH: More competition. More federations on the top level. When we lost the feds, we, as wrestlers, lost both a lot of work and power. And less politics. People who are good at what they do should be allowed to rise. Too many are blocked from doing just that. There are a lot of guys who may become the 'best athletes you've never heard of' simply because someone else's position is threatened. Rather than doing what's good for the federation/company as a whole, what often ends up is weaker talent remaining on the main events because of this

Louis Velazquez: I agree across the board but as I have always said , if these Indy promoters were able to work together without all the politics and egos, the Indy scene would have more power and believe it or not, Workers would probably start to be able to earn a living from it. But what often happens is that its not all the Promoters fault, at times you can have a top quality worker and their ego gets too big for their own good and that causes a problem for the promotion(s).
April, Now were going to stray off the Pro Wrestling path, tell us more about the real you, your likes, dislikes, your ultimate goals in life both business and personal.

AH: I like good food, soft sheets, hot showers, my mom, ice cream, a good book, not having to get up in the morning and when my car runs. I hate smoking, humidity, having to fly (not the flying, but entire process of getting on and off planes, crap food, ignorant people and being cramped), HMO, people who can't seem to figure out that they don't have EZ Pass before they get in the EZ Pass lane, cell phones and doing laundry. I'm half Italian, half British/Scottish, both sides of my family were born in their respective countries. I was conceived in Hawaii, born in Philadelphia and raised off of military bases. I can understand Italian and have a great British accent. We moved around a lot but Philly is home to me. I have a cool cat, wish I was thinner, am not married, pay too much for rent, went to college for English and Chemistry, am currently doing nothing with either English or Chem except getting Jeopardy questions right, love tacky, glittery makeup and really am a natural redhead.

Louis Velazquez: April, the real you sounds like a very cool person, and with all the nonsense that I have seen in this business, its good to know that there are still real and good people out there. So you obviously work out a lot, just look at you, can you tell us about your training routine, how often do you lift weights? How often do you get ring time?

AH: I hit the gym 3-5 times a week, as much as time allows. I'll usually do 2 body parts a day, plus abs and 30-50 mins of cardio. I used to train 2-3 times a week in the ring, too, but our school recently closed. That does suck for me. Right after it closed, I went to Japan to train and tour for a month, but now I'm stuck.

Louis Velazquez: That does suck, but don't be shocked if a business opportunity opens up from that, we'll talk about that another time, so just to ask you another question that I'm sure that you answered time and time again, If you had to pick one person, who would you say that you pattern yourself after?

AH: No one, really, but I do admire a lot of different people who influence(d) me. A.J. Styles, Akino, Mima Shimoda, Cima, Eddie Guererro, Kurt Angle, Tajiri,Chris Daniels, Chyna, Essa Rios, Papi Chulo, Dean Malenko.

Louis Velazquez: April, this is my final question and we'll have your final answer for this interview, do you have any inspirational words or stories to share with your devoted fans?

AH: Well, you wanted this interview pretty quickly, and I had Bronchitis all week, so it's late. Because of that, it's probably lacking somewhat in entertaining values, but I'm hacking, so I'm sorry!!If you want anecdotes and dirty jokes, sign up for my weekly newsletter on my site. It's free and I put together stories and ribs from each road trip. http://www.aprilhunter.com (Or get the uncensored versions in my Members area!)

April, I have to thank you again for letting us conduct this interview with you especially when you have been dealing with your Bronchitis, Hope that you feel better and I am sure that our next interview will touch on other subjects that we can elaborate on. Make sure to visit April Hunter's website and get the latest and see what beauty and strength is all about. We urge those promoters that have yet to bring in April Hunter and Slyk Wagner Brown to do so, it may increase your box office receipts.



Photos Courtesy of April Hunter

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